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Communications was coming to Fremont, Kelli Swanson put a package of services

together for us to review. It was an easy decision, since we were able to save money

and get faster Internet speeds by going with Great Plains Communications.”

Great Plains Communications installed Internet and phone services at Nebraska

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy’s Fremont location first, then added these services in

two phases at the Elkhorn location. Swanson explains, “When the Elkhorn location

opened, our company couldn’t provide Internet service in that area yet. So we installed

phone service only. In February 2017, Great Plains Communications was able to con-

nect the Elkhorn location with our Internet service since our fiber network in the area

was complete.”

Responsive Local Service and Support

By using Great Plains Communications for both services at both locations, Nebraska

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy is benefiting from enhanced communications as well

as the convenience of working with a single provider.

Tessendorf says, “We love being able to call

someone locally and discuss options with

our phone and Internet services. Tammy

Hovendick at Great Plains Communications

has helped with our rollover and forward-

ing issues with phones as well as the fax line.

She’s stayed late and communicatedwith our

IT guy to make sure we were satisfied with

how everything was working. I appreciate

that kind of customer service.”

What’s ahead for Nebraska Orthopaedic

Physical Therapy? Tessendorf replies, “Our

goals for 2017 are to continue to provide

excellent customer service to the Fremont

community and grow our Elkhorn loca-

tion. In Elkhorn, we want to be the place

that provides high-quality care in the area.

With Great Plains Communications assisting us with efficiently communicating with

patients, doctors and local schools, I believe these goals can be achieved.”

Stand Up for Health

and Productivity

“Sit down and get to work.” You probably

remember teachers saying that during your

school years. But was it the best advice? Some

research suggests that long periods of con-

stant sitting inhibit circulation and flexibility,

decrease attentiveness and slow the body’s

calorie-burning mechanisms. It’s even been

dubbed the Sitting Disease.

This information has led more companies to

offer employees the option of working at a

standing desk. The idea isn’t new; history

features many prominent standing desk users

including Thomas Jefferson, Ernest Hemingway

and Winston Churchill.

Even if you don’t want to invest in standing

desks at your company, there are other ways

to incorporate more standing into the workday:

Stand up while talking on the phone.

Doing so helps many people stay alert and

adds energy to their voices—particularly

useful during sales calls.

Have stand-up meetings.

It’s almost

guaranteed that these meetings will take

less time.

Take regular activity breaks.

It can be

as simple as getting up every hour for a

five-minute walk around the hallway.

Is it time for your company to stand up and

take notice?

It was an easy decision, since we were able to save money

and get faster Internet speeds by going with Great Plains




Ross Tessendorf (Owner PT, DPT, ATC, CSCS)

helps ease neck pain for a patient.