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Comprehensive Services

Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy offers comprehen-

sive physical therapy services for a wide range of diagnoses,

injuries and conditions. Its physical therapists help patients

recover from surgeries and injuries, help athletes increase

their strength and performance, and help those plagued by

chronic pain to restore pain-free motion and activity.

With the two clinic locations, Nebraska Orthopaedic

Physical Therapy serves patients from Dodge, Saunders,

Washington and Douglas counties as well as the cities of

Fremont, Arlington, North Bend, Hooper, Blair, Scribner,

Schuyler, Wahoo, Cedar Bluffs, Elkhorn and Omaha.

Switching to Great Plains Communications

In addition to having a Doctorate in Physical Therapy,

owner Ross Tessendorf is also a Certified Athletic Trainer

and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 

While he clearly is an expert on the movement of mus-

cles and joints, Tessendorf leaves the mechanics of voice

and data transmission to Great Plains Communications.

Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy has been a Great

Plains Communications customer for a year and a half and

currently receives Internet and phone services at both the

Elkhorn and Fremont locations.

“We were previously working with another communications

provider, and the service was initially okay. Over time, how-

ever, their service declined. When we experienced an outage,

it was taking that provider two to three days to fix things;

their technicians came from Lincoln and had to cover the

entire state. Imagine not having phone or Internet services for

that many days. We were basically closed,” Tessendorf notes.

He continues, “Chris Demuth and I decided to switch to

Great Plains Communications in 2015 for a few reasons.

I live in the Blair community, and my wife and I knew

a couple of people who work for the company—Kelli

Swanson, Strategic Account Manager; and Chris Wulf,

OSP Fiber Design Engineer. When we heard Great Plains






Their therapists help patients move

better, and we did the same for

their voice and data transmission

After completing Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees at Creighton University, therapists Ross

Tessendorf and Chris Demuth gained experience working in both hospital and private clinic settings.

In 2006, they opened their own clinic, Nebraska Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, in Fremont. A second

location in Elkhorn was added in 2016.

On the left, a patient uses the arm bike to warm up his shoulder

while Amy Hoffman (PT, DPT) stretches a patient’s shoulder and

works on range of motion.