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As in many industries, professionals in healthcare have found themselves increasingly dependent

on technology. Many of the latest methods for maintaining optimal health are dependent upon a

fast and reliable Internet connection. Here are just a few examples:

Electronic Health Records

As the healthcare industry shifted from paper to electronic

health records, much of this data has been stored on-premise

within healthcare facilities. Now another shift is taking

place—storing these records offsite on cloud-based platforms,

allowing professionals to easily and securely view them from

any Internet-enabled device.


Many healthcare providers have adopted tablet computers as

their go-to tool for a wide variety of uses including recording

and reviewing patient data, accessing drug databases, schedul-

ing patient appointments and communicating with patients and

other providers.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients can wear or use devices that monitor their physical

condition and send data to their medical practitioners at pri-

mary care clinics, hospitals, nursing units and other healthcare

facilities. Health data collected in this manner includes weight,

blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygen levels, heart rate and

electrocardiograms. Professionals can use this information to

ensure their patients’ treatment plans are on track or adjust as

needed. In addition, patients can use it to monitor themselves

and become more proactive in their own care.


Remote access to healthcare services is on the rise and can be

used in a variety of ways. One is to share files, test results and

other data via secure email platforms; in this case, the healthcare

provider and patient can be interacting with the information

at different times. The other is for the provider and patient to

communicate in real time using audio and video conferencing.

Telemedicine can help patients in isolated areas gain access to

medical specialists in larger communities.

Great Plains Communications is dedicated to ensuring that

healthcare providers—as well as our customers in other fields

—have the technology they need to perform their important

jobs within the community.

Taking the Pulse of

Healthcare Technology

How new tools are improving patient health and provider efficiency