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JUNE 2014
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n recent years, more and more companies
have begun to recognize the need for a
little levity around the office. So much
so that many consultants now make a
living offering advice on how to infuse
humor and fun into the workplace. Why?
The answer is simple. Studies have demon-
strated that laughter has positive effects
on both our physical and mental health.
In fact, laughing enhances the immune
system, lowers blood pressure, and even
releases natural antidepressants and
painkillers in the body. This boost to our
systems can result in fewer missed days,
less illness, and reduced stress.
But those benefits are just the beginning.
Creating an atmosphere that welcomes
humor often leads to productivity-boosting
effects. Laughter improves morale, cuts
down on employee turnover, reduces conflict,
strengthens teamwork, builds loyalty, and
fosters creativity.
What’s more, laughing at work can help
counteract the inevitable boredom that
arises out of dull tasks and keeps people
attentive during long meetings. Remember
recess when you were a kid? Think of
workplace humor as the adult equivalent of
recess—a way to renew energy and focus. As
comedian Milton Berle once said, “Laughter
is an instant vacation.”
Many employers now say that a good sense
of humor is even a key factor when choosing
new hires. This trait is seen as reflective of
a person’s flexibility at work and an ability
to build good rapport with colleagues.
With just a little effort, you can make your
workplace a little more fun for everyone.
After all, Americans typically spend more
waking hours at work than at home, so it’s
a good idea to find ways to enjoy it. And
with all the benefits of laughter, you may
be laughing your way to the bank.
Laughter can offer
serious benefits to
your workplace
Laughter improves morale,
cuts down on employee
turnover, reduces conflict,
strengthens teamwork,
builds loyalty, and fosters
While at work, you need to make
sure your attempts at humor don’t
venture into offensive or disruptive
territory. Keep these tips in mind:
Be self-deprecating.
We all
appreciate people who can laugh
at themselves from time to time.
Don’t take yourself too seriously!
Find humor in stressful situations.
By pointing out the funny side of a task
or project your team is working on,
your colleagues will easily relate—
and no one will get their feelings hurt.
• Add humor to the agenda.
Devote the first two or three minutes
of each meeting to humor and lighten
the conversation before getting down
to business.
Avoid sarcasm.
Sarcasm may work
with your closest friends but in a work
environment, it can be misinterpreted
as a put-down or a thinly veiled
comment on someone’s actual work
habits or skills. Likewise, remarks and
jokes related to race or gender are
strictly off-limits.
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