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JUNE 2014
he physical appearance of your business
speaks volumes and contributes to customer
impressions. So it’s important to look
around through the eyes of your customers. What
do they see when driving up to your building?
When walking through the front door?
The checklist below will help you identify areas
that need attention in order for your business to
project a more positive image.
Outside Your Business
Are there letters missing in your signage or
burnt out bulbs that cause only part of your
business name to be visible? Make sure your
signage is legible at all times.
Is everything clean and attractive near the
entrance to your business? Or are there cigarette
butts on the sidewalk and weeds around the
bushes? You want the first impression that
customers have to be a good one.
If your business has store windows, do they
feature attractive merchandise displays that
are changed regularly? Don’t make the mistake
of using store windows to simply stock shelves
of merchandise; it’s not appealing.
Inside your store or office
Does your store or office need a new coat
of paint? Is the carpet dirty or torn? Do the
floors have broken or missing tiles? If your
interior looks tired or poorly maintained, it
reflects negatively on your business. Décor
matters, so pay attention to it. You may even
want to research the psychology of color
when choosing new paint and flooring. For
example, red makes people hungry and blue
is considered relaxing.
Do your bathrooms leave something to be
desired? If you have public facilities, they
need to be kept sparkling clean at all times.
Some customers will draw conclusions about
your overall level of quality based on the
condition of the bathrooms.
Is your lighting too low? If you own a retail
store, it’s imperative that lighting be bright
enough so the customers can easily view the
Does your office look cluttered? Think
about how customers feel if they can’t find
a place to sit because all the chairs are piled
high with papers. Keep your office looking
organized and welcoming to visitors.
Use this checklist to spot and correct common mistakes
How Does Your Business
Look to
Take the time to critically
evaluate the inside and
outside of your business on
a regular basis. You may want
to enlist the help of friends
and family members to give
you their honest opinions as
well. After all, your bottom
line may look better if your
business looks better.
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