Beulahland's Website Compass

Back to Basics 14 WebsiteCompass 4. Change your internet-connected TV privacy settings. As you go through your devices to make them more trackingresistant, don’t forget about your household’s TVs, which track information about what you watch. Many smart TVs and streaming devices include privacy settings that enable you to control this tracking. To find out how to adjust the settings on your specific TV, do an online search for the name of your device plus the words “privacy settings.” 5. Opt out of targeted advertising. Targeted advertising involves gathering information about you personally to send you ads for things you are likely to be interested in. Some people like this approach, while others find it intrusive. If you don’t like it, you can opt out of targeted advertising on each browser you use on every device. Remember to opt out of targeted advertising on social media platforms as well. Visit youradchoices. com/control and for more information about opting out and the tools for doing it. 6. Opt out of sites that sell your personal information. Data brokers are services that accumulate personal information about you from various online sources. They then sell that information to other services that use it to verify your identity, detect fraud, make decisions about your eligibility for credit, and market products to you. Some of these purposes aren’t necessarily bad (for example, you can be preapproved for a credit card). But, if you don’t like them, you can opt out using the tools at 7. Use an ad blocker. Another way to help keep ads from following you around your online world—or at least a way to keep from seeing them—is to use an ad blocker. Some of these ad blockers, such as the Chrome extension Adblock Plus, work very well and keep you from seeing most ads. Note that when you use an ad blocker, it might not block 100% of ads, and certain sites might ask you to unblock ads on their site in order to view their content. QUICK TIP: Tracker blockers like Privacy Badger ( stop internet trackers from gathering information about you.