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Back to Basics 14 WebsiteCompass and want to minimize battery use. It enables you to use maps without being online. To start, tap your profile picture, then Offline maps > Select your own map. Highlight the area you want to be available offline. Tap Download to download the map. Alternatively, search for a location, tap the three-stackeddots icon, and select Download offline map. Share Your Location You might want to share your location when meeting friends or to reassure family members. To do it, tap on the blue dot on the map that shows where you are. Tap Share location. Choose the duration you would like the sharing to continue and the people you would like to share with. The people you’ve shared with will be able to see your location for that amount of time. Get Reminded to Leave on Time After you’ve identified the starting and ending points, tap Directions, then the three-stacked-dots icon at the top of the screen. Tap Add stop and enter the additional stop. Press and hold items to reorder the stops. Apple Maps While considered less powerful than Google Maps, Apple Maps also provides an excellent range of navigation functionality. Look Around Streets This feature is the equivalent of Street View on Google Maps. To use it, tap the binoculars icon at the bottom of a map. A photographic view of the street appears. To pan, drag a finger left or right. To move forward, tap the scene. To zoom, pinch in or out. To go back to your map, tap Done. Share Your ETA For those occasions when you’re late to a meeting or social gathering, you can have Apple Maps share an accurate ETA. To do it, tap the route card at the bottom of the screen, then tap Share ETA. Choose who you would like to share with or tap Open Contacts to find a contact. Find a Rest Stop Try this one on your next road trip! While following directions in Apple Maps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You’ll see a selection of buttons, including Gas Stations, Breakfast (or lunch or dinner, depending on the time of day), and Coffee. Tap the button that corresponds with the service you need, and Apple Maps will guide you there, and then back to your original route. QUICK TIP: To access a compass in Google Maps, tap the My Location icon and the compass icon appears.