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WebsiteCompass 13 From the same ad appearing on every website you visit to the way Google asks you to rate places you’ve been, there are plenty of clues that add up to one conclusion. Your electronic activities are being tracked. 10+ Ways to Reduce Online Tracking How to deal with the funny feeling you’re being followed Some online services, such as ecommerce sites, track your activities anonymously to provide better service, including recommendations for products you might like. Others, like Google, track you for convenience, so you can use its services across devices. Still others track you to monitor website usability or sell information about you to other services. While much of this tracking is harmless, you might consider it to be a bit creepy. Unfortunately, it’s an intrinsic part of most interactions that take place online. However, there are steps you can take to reduce online tracking. Here are 10 of them to help you get started. 1. Change your browser privacy settings. While websites control the tracking that happens there, your browser can impact the process as well. Each browser—including Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox—has its own settings. You can use them to change what cookies are kept on your computer, what types of cookies you want to allow, and whether to use private browsing mode. Explore the settings in your browser and adjust them as appropriate. 2. Clear your browser history and cookies. While the use of cookies can make your browsing and shopping easier, they’re also potentially problematic in the amount of data they include about you, such as your preferences, location, language, and browsing time. But you can remove cookies from your computer through your browser. To determine how to do it, perform an online search for the name of your browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge) plus the words “clear cookies.”Most of these processes enable you to clear your browser history at the same time. 3. Change your phone privacy settings. Your phone and the apps and other services you use on it contribute to how you’re tracked when you use this device. Use your phone’s privacy settings to reset advertising identifiers and turn off ad personalization, adjust tracking, and change location controls to limit the sharing of your location. Back to Basics QUICK TIP: Prevent shopping sites from tracking you by checking out as a guest instead of signing in.