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WebsiteCompass 15 most modern smartphones, you can simply tap the image of the subject to focus on that element. 11. Try time-lapse. Many smartphones, including iPhones, have time-lapse features to help you create interesting films of things that normally take a long time, and might make for a somewhat boring video. Examples include clouds moving across the sky, or people walking through a square in your vacation destination. 12. Slow down. It can be fun to experiment with the slow motion effect. Use this setting on your camera, if you have it, to create videos of things that include a high level of action, like a sporting event, or a dog shaking off water after swimming in a river. 13. Play with special effects. Part of the fun of today’s video creation is that it doesn’t have to be entirely real. For instance, Snapchat lenses enable you to make yourself or other subjects look different as you record. Afterwards, you can add things like text, stickers, and other fun elements. 14. Do a do-over. Some video moments, like your child’s ballet recital, only come once, and there’s no way to create a new video if the first one doesn’t work out. But others that are more staged can be repeated if needed. Before you end the filming session, review your video and try it again if you’re not happy with the results. 15. Edit with care. Today’s technology allows even amateurs to perform expertlevel video editing. It includes basics like trimming and adding transitions, as well as more advanced functions like splicing two or more videos together and combining sounds. Use these tools to perfect your videos but be careful not to overdo it—a few rough edges keep your videos natural and fun. Improve Videos Even MoreWith the Right Equipment We’ve mentioned a few accessories you might want to consider, including tripods, gimbals, microphones, and ring lights. Other possibilities include the following items: • Creative lens add-ons for effects like fisheye and tilt shift • Filters to enhance colors or modulate exposure • Flash kits and light tents to help you get just the right lighting • Audio recorders to achieve higher sound quality • Storage disks to keep all your creations in a safe place • Laptops and monitors with strong video editing capabilities to support your fine-tuning • Cleaning tools to ensure your equipment is in top condition • Bags to carry all your gear Even a simple selfie stick can help you create special shots with more context than you can get when you hold your phone or camera with your hand. QUICK TIP: When shooting videos of kids, try to focus on one activity theme like “first haircut” or “bath time.”