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12 WebsiteCompass How to Send DMs on Popular Social Media Platforms Finding the messaging features of social media platforms is easy if you know where to look. The following instructions are for desktop access; phone app processes may differ. TUTORIAL Send a DM on Instagram Sending a DM in Instagram is as easy as texting. TUTORIAL Send a DM on Twitter Clubhouse is pretty straightforward, so you’ll quickly learn how to use it. 1. In the left rail, click the Messages (envelope) icon. 2. At the top of the Messages section, click the Newmessage (envelope with a plus sign) icon. 3. In the Newmessage box, select the names of the people you want to send your message to, then click Next. 4. A new panel appears, showing previous DMs you’ve exchanged with this person or group, if any. At the bottom of the panel, click the Start a newmessage box and start typing your message. 5. Click the Send arrow to the right of the message box. Your message is added to the DM exchange. 6. Alternatively, navigate to a user’s profile page, click the Message (envelope) icon under their name, and follow steps #4 and #5 above. Social Media Basics 1. At the top of the Home page, click the Messages (paper airplane) icon. 2. In the middle of the next screen, click Send Message. 3. In the New Message screen, choose the person or people you want to send a message to. Click Next. 4. The following screen shows your previous messages, if any, with this person or group. At the bottom of the screen, in the Message box, type your message. Click Send. 5. The message you just sent shows up on the screen. TUTORIAL Send a DM on Facebook Facebook has its own messaging component, called Messenger. 1. From anywhere in Facebook, navigate to the profile page of the person you want to message. 2. On the profile page, to the right of the person’s name, click Message. 3. A messaging box comes up that displays your previous messages with the person, if any. 4. At the bottom, type your message in the text box, then press the Send arrow to the right of the text box. 5. You can also access the messaging box from your Home page by clicking the name of a user in the right rail, under Contacts. Social icon Circle Only use blue and/or white. For more details check out our Brand Guidelines.