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WebsiteCompass 11 WhatsApp Disadvantages While the benefits of WhatsApp are significant, there are some downsides, too. Susceptible to hacking. In 2019 Whats- App was used by hackers to infect phones with spyware. Not entirely private. To communicate with someone on WhatsApp, you must give them your phone number. Additionally, messages can be seen by anyone with access to your device. Owned by Facebook. A recent scandal revealed that WhatsApp was sharing some of its data (though not actual messages) with its parent company, Facebook, now known as Meta. Storage intensive. Unless you adjust your settings differently, WhatsApp downloads all files, including large ones such as videos, that you receive. Limited. You may be unable to do some things in WhatsApp that you can do in text. For example, you can’t edit contacts’ names (such as changing “Judy Smith” to “Mom”) or send very large files. WhatsApp Versus Texting A recent Fast Company article points out that you don’t expect your mail to arrive already opened or your delivery boxes to be open when you pick them up off your doorstep. “So why don’t Americans feel any different about the 5.5 billion unencrypted SMS text messages they send every single day?” Encryption means only the sender and receiver of a message can see it. While standard text messages are not encrypted, WhatsApp communications are, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Other differences include the following: Texting WhatsApp • Uses carriers and cellular networks • Requires an internet connection • No need to download an app • Must download WhatsApp app • Used nearly universally • Not everyone uses • Character limits per message • No limits on message length • Lacks many modern messaging features • Has many modern messaging features Source: What Else You’ll Like About WhatsApp Here are additional WhatsApp features that can come in handy: • Location sharing. You can share your location with friends and family to show them exactly where you are when en route. This feature is helpful for safety purposes and also for gettogether planning. • Starred messages. Keep track of your most important conversations by starring them, making them easily findable. • GIF support. WhatsApp supports GIFs in addition to photos and videos. • Broadcast messaging. Use this function to send a message to multiple contacts at once. This feature is useful for group invitations. • Delivery confirmation. WhatsApp shows you when a message has been delivered and whether or not it has been read. With all these features and no ads, you may be wondering how WhatsApp makes money. One way is through WhatsApp Pay, a fee-based moneysending feature similar to PayPal. FAST FACT: WhatsApp includes an Unsend feature so you can retract a message if you send it to the wrong person.