Beulahland Communications' Website Compass

10 WebsiteCompass Communities Nextdoor ( – Connect with neighbors about things that matter most, such as safety, lost pets, community get-togethers, and the best local service providers. Classmates ( – Find former classmates, view your yearbooks, share photos, set up reunions, and sign the guestbook for your school. Meetup ( – Much of the activity promoted within Meetup takes place offline, but it’s a great place to find people with common interests. Facebook Alternatives WT Social ( – Created by Wiki- pedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, WT Social is the “non-toxic social network” that doesn’t sell your data or base what you see on algorithms. Yubo ( – Another network- ing platform that seeks to compete with Facebook, Yubo strives to create a safe environment for everyone online. Minds ( – This site resolves many of the issues people have with Face- book by paying you for your content and keeping your data safe with encryption technology. There’s a Social Media Site for Everyone Where to connect with fellow foodies, bookworms, travelers, and more Does the term“social media”make you uneasy? Maybe you’ve had enough of aggressive algorithms, humble brags, and fear of missing out (FOMO). If that’s the case, but you still want to be part of an online community, consider one of the many niche social media sites. Social Media Basics