Solutions for Business Spring 2023

6 SPRING 2023 Knows the Community A local ISP is deeply rooted in the community and has the connections, relationships, and local knowledge other nationally owned companies simply do not have. It knows how the community operates, what it needs, and how to get things done efficiently. It’s also invested in the success of its residents and fellow businesses. A local ISP will be the first to advocate for your needs and the last to put profits before customer satisfaction. Lends a Hand When People Need It Because a local ISP is such an integral part of the community, it recognizes when a helping hand is needed. When the community is facing challenges, the management and employees of a local ISP jump in and help people move forward. For example, it may use community partnerships, grant funding, and its own investments to ramp up fiber installation in rural areas to foster economic growth. Provides Personal Customer Service A national ISP might have a fleet of technicians, but if they’re subcontractors managed through a cumbersome bureaucracy, you could wait a long time to get service. By contrast, a local ISPwill have local technicians and other local employees who can provide responsive customer service and faster turnaround on installations and maintenance. The staff at a local ISP is also more likely to develop an ongoing relationship with your business, which means you’ll spend less time explaining things before your problem gets solved. Creates Flexible Solutions A local ISP isn’t limited by the red tape and restrictions often found at a large corporation. This means a local ISP has the flexibility to spend whatever time is required to fully understand your needs and develop the best solutions to meet them. Cares About Your Success To a local ISP, you’re not just a customer. You’re also a neighbor, and someone its employees will run into at the grocery store or at community events. As a result, a local ISP will genuinely care about you, your satisfaction, and your success. Panora Fiber is proud to be a local ISP and honored to serve you. To learn more about our community involvement, follow us on Facebook or visit Living and working in the same community as your internet provider may be even more beneficial than you realize. A local Internet Service Provider (ISP) can offer many advantages over national competitors including these: Why Choose a Local Internet Service Provider? Because local connections are so important