Business Connections by Adams

S U MM E R 2 0 2 1 5 BUSINESS connections Employee Profile Matthew Finlay Adams Experts Technician Before joining Adams in July 2019, Matthew Finlay worked for the IT Help Desk at John Wood Community College and for a local computer repair service. His primary job responsibilities as an Adams Experts Technician are to provide support and installation for the products offered by Adams Experts. Finlay said, “One day I might be troubleshooting a failed Windows update. Then the next day I’m updating pieces of customer software on their servers or installing and configuring new network equipment for a customer. The tremendous variety in what I do is what makes my job truly enjoyable and satisfying. I look forward to seeing the look of relief on customers’ faces once I fix the issue that’s been troubling them.” Finlay added, “Sometimes random people will come up to me when they see the Adams truck just to tell me how thankful they are that Adams provides Internet and other technology services, or to say how much they look forward to having fiber installed.” talkies (as well as frequent trips outside) to communicate with customers inside the igloos. The more people let loose and play on the walkie talkies, the more fun we have as well. We change the ‘call sign’ of the igloos depending on the season. So at Christmas time, you may hear ‘North pole to Santa’s work shop. How are you folks doing on drinks? Is it time for a refill?’ It adds to the adventure of the dining experience.” Keeping Everything Running Smoothly The inside eatery can seat 24 people, and there’s room outdoors for up to 50. To keep these hungry and thirsty customers happy, The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar currently has 11 employees and Aitken expects that number to grow as business does. “We’re cross training most of our employees to handle both the bakery/ chocolate shop side of the business as well as the bar/restaurant side,” she said. Adams provides phone and fiber Internet services to The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar. Aitken noted, “When you’re juggling all the responsibilities of running a small business, it’s imperative to have phone and Internet that you can count on. The majority of our orders are placed over the phone. On top of that, our whole ordering system is online and most of our marketing is done via social media. The reliable phone and Internet services we get from Adams save us time and money.” Aitken is also pleased with the customer service and tech support from Adams. “Although it’s very rare that we have an issue we need to call about, when we do, the customer service we receive is always top notch, and their team is quick to handle any issue. I’m fully impressed by the depth of knowledge and the attention to detail that we receive whenever we talk to Adams employees,” she said. A Shout-Out to the Community When asked what message she had for the customers of The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar, Aitken replied, “We’ve been amazed by the support of our community. At the start of the pandemic, we initiated curbside service for our lunch items as well as special orders. Our igloos provided a space for people to enjoy dining out while social distancing. Our customers embraced these services, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.” Those are sweet words. I’m fully impressed by the depth of knowledge and the attention to detail that we receive whenever we talk to Adams employees.” — MELANIE AITKEN, OWNER, THE YUM FACTORY AND CHOCOLATE BAR