Business Connections by Adams

4 S U MM E R 2 0 2 1 When it’s time to treat yourself, it’s time to visit The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar in Quincy. This unique place is where sweets and spirits meet to create unforgettable moments with family and friends. Famous for its hand-dipped chocolate and the best cinnamon rolls in town, The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar also offers custom cakes and other baked goods, old-fashioned candy, charcuterie boards, and a variety of lunch and brunch items. Customers can pair their food selections with wine, beer, spirits, or coffee drinks. Owner Melanie Aitken chose the location at 2449 Broadway Street for a couple of reasons. “Advertising costs are high, so we were looking for a location to help us minimize those costs. This building gives us great exposure—more than 20,000 cars drive down Broadway daily. We also wanted a place where outdoor seating could be an option to help keep our customers safe during the pandemic,” said Aitken. Igloos Add to the Adventure The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar set up igloos for outdoor dining during cold weather, an idea Aitken had come across a couple of years ago. She explained, “I’d wanted to do the igloos even before the pandemic. I saw them at a rooftop hotel in Kentucky and fell in love with them—such an interesting way to eat outside while also being protected from the elements. The igloos were fabulous in the winter, and we’ve purchased a few screened-in ones for summer to keep our customers enjoying the outdoors.” Aitken continued, “The igloos are especially fun for families. The kids play games while the parents hang out, and there are fun food and drink choices for children and adults. We use walkie BUSINESS spotlight What could be sweeter than chocolate, baked goods, and spirits? The Yum Factory and Chocolate Bar