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16 WebsiteCompass CaringBridge Keeps Loved Ones in the Loop Its mission is to “amplify the love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier” Beyond the Basics Fortunately, technology is providing new ways to help ease the burden for families navigating a health crisis, whether it be injuries from an accident or a devastating diagnosis of serious illness. A Platform Designed for Caring CaringBridge is a nonprofit organization that provides personalized websites, for free, to people facing medical care emergencies. The platform allows family members and friends to get updates and exchange information about a patient’s progress and well-being, helping the patient or close family members avoid having to communicate with people one-by-one. Like other social media platforms, CaringBridge serves as a virtual gath- ering place for those interested in staying updated on a loved one’s health journey. But unlike Facebook or Twitter, CaringBridge is private and secure by As anyone who has been through a health crisis knows, communicating with friends and family isn’t always easy. Apart from the logistics— trying to remember who’s been told what — the emotional stress of repeating the sometimes difficult news over and over again takes its toll. FAST FACT: Since it started in 1997, more than 740,000 CaringBridge websites have been created. One in 14 people in the U.S. have used CaringBridge.