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• Adobe Photoshop Elements. Windows users can take advantage of this browser, which includes extra encryption and anonymity measures. • Apple iPhoto. Mac users should take advantage of this preinstalled feature to organize, edit, and share photos. • digiKam. This photo management application can also be used to import, export, edit, and share images. • Google Photos. You can use Google Photos for free no matter what operating system you’re on. Its helpful features categorize your shots automatically. • Piwigo. Using cloud-based Piwigo, you can access your photos from anywhere, using any device. Be aware you’ll need a bit of technical know-how to set it up. WebsiteCompass 15 Delegate Photo Organization to One of These Applications If you’re not sure about creating your own photo organizing system, you might like to try one of the following software applications designed for that purpose: Each of these applications has unique advantages. Choose the one that seems best for how you want to work with your photos. Use Your Favorite Photos in Fun Projects Now that your photos are easily searchable, use selected ones to create gifts for others or items for your home. Here are a few ideas to get you started: • Prints. Yes, putting photos in frames is still a thing. Try a print service like Nations Photo Lab ( ) . • Scrapbook. Choose the best photos from one special event and put together a paper or online scrapbook. • Photo book. Photo services like Mixbook ( ) allow you to upload photos and create a printed book. • Mugs, t-shirts, cards, and calendars. These items with your family’s images on them make great gifts. Try a service like Shutterfly ( ) . • Home décor. Enlarge and print landscape photos to display in your home. • Fun for kids. Use photos to make a memory game or photo sticker book at Pinhole Press ( ) . You get to enjoy your photos once when you choose them and again every time you see the finished project.