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12 WebsiteCompass How to Get Started With Clubhouse Clubhouse allows you to connect with people voice-to-voice and hear real-time conversations about a wide range of topics. The interface is intuitive and will feel familiar to anyone who has used other social media apps. TUTORIAL Sign Up for Clubhouse The sign-up process for Clubhouse is very similar to that of many other apps. TUTORIAL Use Clubhouse Clubhouse is pretty straightforward, so you’ll quickly learn how to use it. 1. On the home screen, you’ll see notifications of conversations in progress based on the topics you chose when you signed up. Tap them to join the conversation. Once in a room, you’ll have options to add someone new to the room, raise your hand, or leave quietly. You can also text chat with individuals in the conversation. If you raise your hand, be prepared to speak your question or comment if called upon. 2. From the home screen, you can use the icons at the top to invite others to join Clubhouse, check the calendar to see what conversations are coming up, and see your activity (such as other users following you). You also have access to your settings, where you can adjust how the app works for you. 3. To start your own conversation, go to the home screen and tap “Start a room.” From there, you have options to add users to the conversation, see who has raised their hands, text chat with individuals in the conversation, or leave the conversation (which ends it when you are the host). 4. For a full tutorial, visit Social Media Basics 1. Download Clubhouse from your favorite app store. 2. Tap the “Welcome in” button. 3. When prompted, enter your phone number. Clubhouse will send you a verification code via text to enter next. 4. When prompted, enter your name. 5. If you want to, you can add a profile photo or skip this step for now. 6. When prompted, choose whether to allow or deny Clubhouse to access your contacts (you can change this later). 7. Tap the plus (+) sign next to users’ names to follow them, which gives you access to their rooms. 8. Tap topic buttons to choose those you are interested in. 9. Tap the plus (+) sign next to club names to join them. Each club will require you to accept its club rules before you can join. 10. Now you’re ready to start using Clubhouse. See the next section for ideas about what to do next.