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WebsiteCompass 11 Creators interested in monetizing their use of Clubhouse can do so by requesting in-app payments. Those who help drive traffic to the app can further boost their visibility through the Creator First accelerator program, which provides equipment, special guests, and promotion. You Never KnowWhat to Expect Unlike prerecorded podcasts, Clubhouse conversations are full of surprises. There may be awkward pauses, rambling rants, or other elements that would be edited out of a polished podcast episode. It’s also different because you may be able to jump into the conversation. Some have pointed out that this format seems like Zoom without the video. However, the difference is that these conversations and rooms are open to anyone who wants to join, offering a nice break from having to look at a screen. Because of its voice-based platform, Clubhouse may be just right for users who are less comfortable with typing updates and posting photos and videos on social media. According to the AARP, that includes folks over 50, who are using the app to discuss their passions, such as sports, business, history, and politics. Seniors are often more prone to loneliness (especially since the pandemic started), and an app like Clubhouse can help alleviate it. When you use Clubhouse, you never know who you’ll hear from, including celebrities and area experts. Big names who have already participated include Elon Musk, Chris Rock, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Cuban. Some creators are using the platform to host challenging conversations, such as a room where people with very different viewpoints get together to talk. Seeing the popularity of Clubhouse, established social media giants are creating similar features, including Twitter’s Spaces, Instagram’s Live Rooms, Reddit’s Reddit Talk, Spotify’s Greenroom, Slack’s Huddles, and Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms. FAST FACT: Clubhouse’s icon isn’t a logo, but instead a series of photos of influential users. Things to Know Before Using Clubhouse Every social media app comes with some friction, from people who don’t want to follow the rules to cybersecurity issues, and Clubhouse is no exception. Here are some issues to consider before you decide to join. • Hate speech happens. Clubhouse has already noticed hate speech on its platform and has created community moderation guidelines in response. • China doesn’t like it. The app was blocked in China in early 2021 for offering too much freedom of expression. • The service has already suffered a data breach. It happened when a third-party developer tried to create a version of the app that didn’t require an invitation. • Privacy is in question. Like other apps, Clubhouse collects personal information from what you and others share. • You can always quit. If any of these issues becomes too problematic, or you simply find Clubhouse isn’t for you, you can deactivate your account from the Settings menu. A Sampling of ClubhouseTopics The following topics are just a few examples of the many available on Clubhouse: Arts Advertising Art Burning Man Food and drink Theater Hustle Instagram Pitch practice Real estate Small business Knowledge Education History Math Science Space Places Africa India Los Angeles San Francisco Wellness Health Medicine Nutrition Veganism Weights Tech Crypto DTC SaaS Startups Venture Capital