The Rainbow Connection for Spring 2023

Cornerstone Group © 2022 RainbowCommunications RainbowCommunications Rainbow is Springing Forward with Spring Community Events At Rainbow, makes it a priority to have a strong presence in our communities. Throughout the next couple of months, we’ll be gearing up for warm weather and supporting a variety of local events: • We’ll assist with Project Atchison and Riverbend Habitat for Humanity and their makeover project this year by providing snacks and drinks for volunteers that participate. • We’ll be at First Fridays in Atchison starting May 5 to hand out giveaways. You can also submit your interest in getting Rainbow fiber Internet during these events. • L ooking ahead to summer, we’ll join the fun at the Horton Car Show on June 3 in Horton. Come visit us in front of the bouncy house. While our business is providing communications connections, our heart is with building community connections. When there’s a need in our communities, you can count on Rainbow to be there. Routers are often the forgotten workhorses of the home network. Many people pay no attention to them unless there’s a malfunction. That’s unfortunate, since there’s an inexpensive and effective way to get a commercial-class premium router—upgrade to Rainbow’s Premium Wi-Fi service. You’ll experience improved Wi-Fi range, get a stronger signal, and have the technology you need to better handle the demands of all the users and devices in your household. Here are some reasons to consider signing up for Rainbow’s PremiumWi-Fi: 1. You’re experiencing frequent symptoms of an underpowered or overwhelmed router. These include network-related congestion issues, like slow-loading web pages or stuttering video playback, that can’t be chalked up to a slow broadband connection. Another sign is not being able to get a strong Wi-Fi signal everywhere in your home. 2. You’ve had the router for several years. Nothing lasts forever, including routers. The latest router models support the 802.11ac wireless standard, which can effectively handle 20 or more devices. By contrast, the 802.11g standard—introduced in 2003— was designed to handle just two or three. With Rainbow’s commercial-class premium router, your home’s Wi-Fi network will be fast and reliable for a plethora of devices. 3. You’re not getting the Internet speeds you expect from your plan. Some older routers have a speed cap limiting the maximum Internet speed possible, which means your outdated router may be preventing you from receiving the full speed of your Internet plan. Sign up now for Rainbow’s PremiumWi-Fi to get a commericial-class premium router, installation, and more. For details, visit 3 Reasons You Might Need Rainbow’s Premium Wi-Fi