Business Connections for Fall 2022

BUSINESS connections Fall 2022 7 In this magazine, we periodically highlight people in our community whose career path brought them back to their roots in northeast Kansas. For this issue, we feature Dr. Melinda Pregont of Trusted Care Chiropractic in Atchison. Dr. Melinda Pregont was raised in Highland and Atchison, and she attended colleges in Atchison and Kansas City. “I have fond memories of growing up in both Highland and Atchison, but Atchison is home for me. I’ll never forget playing summer rec basketball, my first job in the kitchen at Jerry’s Again, serving tables at Lopez, and hanging out with high school friends, some of whom have become lifelong friends. I truly feel, however, that my fondest memories are yet to come as Justin and I build our businesses in Atchison, and more importantly, raise our family here,” said Dr. Pregont. (She’s married to Justin Pregont, owner of Pomeroy Development.) Dr. Pregont is a 2012 magna cum laude graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College—Kansas City, where she earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She specializes in acupuncture, pediatrics, pregnancy, and sports chiropractic care at Trusted Care Chiropractic. She noted, “I love the connectedness of small towns. Stories seem to last for generations and can instantly reacquaint you after even decades of distance. I have chiropractic clients who will drive from Highland to receive care from me in Atchison because they knew me frommy early years in Highland. I take pride in that. Many of those families treated me as if I was their own, and to be able to give back that same love and respect has been gratifying.” How would Dr. Pregont describe Atchison today? She replied, “Things are happening here! I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this change. What I love about a small community is being able to see the fruits of my labor. In my opinion, Atchison has had very progressive and aggressive city leadership for the past 10 years, and these people were major catalysts for growth. They gave entrepreneurs like me the confidence and financial stability to open up shop. I’ve felt beyond supported in my business ventures not only by local government, but by the community at large.” Returning to Your Roots