Business Connections for Fall 2022

6 Fall 2022 7 Ways Businesses Benefit from Remote Work Discussions of remote work often concentrate on the benefits enjoyed by employees such as avoiding commutes, reducing the expense of professional clothing, and improving work-life balance. However, businesses can also benefit in many ways: 1. Expenses for office space, supplies, and utilities can be reduced. 2. Workplace flexibility has been shown to increase employee motivation and productivity. 3. Youmaybe able tomore easily recruit the best employees because you’re not limited by geographical restrictions. 4. Remote employees across the country enable your business to operate in more time zones. 5. Having employees work from home can reduce absenteeism, tardiness, and their associated costs. 6. Employees with this flexible work arrangement tend to bemore grateful and loyal, which decreases turnover rates and new-hire training costs. 7. The time employees save by not driving to work can be spent working for your business instead. If your business is compatible with remote work, it makes sense to consider adding or expanding this option for employees. It’s a true winwin arrangement. Rainbow defines a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) as a four-plex and above in terms of the number of units. Common examples of multidwelling units are apartment buildings, condominiums, dormitories, and senior living facilities. When a property owner of an MDU is interested in having the building connected to the Rainbow Fiber-Optic Network, the first step is a meeting to discuss how to proceed. Planning factors could include: • Age and layout of building • Status of construction or renovation • Interest in having an exclusive Internet provider Jerad Enneking, Business Solutions Manager, said, “Rainbow’s goal is to run our fiber lines into each unit with as little disruption as possible. Every building is different, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ MDU solution. A building built in 1900 was obviously not designed to run Internet through. We sometimes have to get creative, particularly when we’re installing in an occupied building rather than one being built or renovated.” MDU property owners can choose to have an exclusive contract with Rainbow to be the building’s only Internet provider. How would this benefit the property owner? Enneking replied, “Other Internet providers may have installed multiple lines to each unit in the past, which can end up being a mess. For the property owner, an exclusive contract with Rainbow means the simplicity of having one point of contact for Internet issues.” Being able to offer tenants access to the ultra-fast speeds of Rainbow Fiber Internet is a sales advantage for property owners, as is the ease of signing up for service. “All the tenant needs to do is choose a Fiber Internet speed and call Rainbow. We then flip a switch to begin service, whether that’s just Internet or Internet plus PremiumWi-Fi and/or Residential Phone. No technician visit is required, since the building is ready to go at that point,” said Enneking. In addition, Rainbow can provideWi-Fi coverage in an MDU’s fitness room, business area, or other community spaces. To learn more about fiber installation in an MDU, call Rainbow at 800-892-0163. Rainbow Simplifies Fiber Internet for Multi-Dwelling Units