Connections for Summer 2022

Cornerstone Group © 2022 BEFORE YOU LEAVE ON VACATION, REVIEW THIS SECURITY CHECKLIST MOLLY SEYLLER GETS SCHOLARSHIP Colo Telephone Company congratulates Molly Seyller, the recipient of our 2022 Don McIntosh Memorial Scholarship of $1,000. Molly graduated from Colo-NESCO High School and plans to attend Mount Mercy University and major in nursing. DEANNE LEE RETIRES AFTER 25 YEARS DeAnne Lee retired from Colo Telephone Company on December 31, 2021, but kindly continued to work part time as she trained her replacement, Lisa Vaughn. DeAnne was hired by Don McIntosh in August 1997. During her 25 years of employment, she served as the office’s Customer Service Representative, Bookkeeper, and Office Manager. Colo Telephone Company thanks DeAnne for her dedicated service to our company, and we wish her all the best in this next chapter of life. ADDITIONAL EMPLOYEE NEWS After 18 years with Colo Telephone Company, Julie Willis retired as Customer Service Representative. Thanks for all your hard work, Julie! Avery King took over as Customer Service Representative and is a valuable member of our team. You see your vacation as an opportunity for fun and relaxation. Unfortunately, burglars see it as an opportunity to more easily get inside your home and take off with your valuables. You can do a lot, however, to reduce your chances of being a property crime victim by taking simple precautions before you leave town. Secure the inside of your home: • Put valuables in a safety deposit box. • Double check that you’ve locked all doors and windows, including all doors in the garage. You may want to unplug the cord to the garage door opener so it can’t be opened with a code. • Put a timer on some of your lights, setting them to go on at different times. Secure the outside of your home: • Stop delivery of your mail and newspapers. • Don’t leave a key hidden outside. Leave it with a friend or family member instead. • Put your car inside the garage. • Move ladders and other supplies a burglar could use to get to the second story. • Depending on the season, make arrangements for someone to mow your lawn or shovel snow while you’re away. Involve your neighbors: • Inform trusted neighbors that you will be gone and for how long. Ask them to keep an eye on your home. (Offer to do the same when they’re away.) • Have these neighbors pick up any flyers that people may place inside your door. By taking these precautions before heading to your next vacation destination, you can really rest easy when you get there. DeAnne Lee enjoyed a sweet retirement party. Pictured left to right: Colo Telephone Company Board President, Amy Lennie; Molly Seyller; and Molly’s parents Kelly and Jeff.