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TAKE THESE BUDGET-FRIENDLY (AND EARTH-FRIENDLY) STEPS 4 GOOD REASONS TO SWITCH TO ONLINE BILL PAYMENT Are you paying your Colo Telephone or Central Iowa Broadband Bill by writing a check and mailing it to us? If so, please consider switching to Online Bill Payment and paying electronically instead. You’ll enjoy benefits including: 1. More Security – Paper bills leave you vulnerable to sensitive information being stolen and used for identity theft. Your mail could be taken from the mailbox or from a garbage can. With Online Bill Payment, you communicate securely with Colo Telephone or Central Iowa Broadband through a password-protected online portal. 2. Saves You Money – You won’t have to buy as many postage stamps or checks when you use Online Bill Payment. 3. Faster Than Traditional Bill Paying – Why waste time finding a bill, writing a check, looking for a stamp, and walking to the mailbox? With Online Bill Payment, you can pay online in seconds or have your bill paid automatically with Automatic Payment. 4. Better for the Environment – Mother Earth loves Online Bill Payment! It reduces paper use and saves trees. To sign up for Online Bill Payment, visit It’s a win-win situation when you make choices to reduce your use of energy, water, and paper—you save money and the earth preserves resources. Consider doing the following if you aren’t already: • Be smart about electricity. Many electronics in your home use standby power— even when turned off. To stop this seeping energy, use smart power strips, which automatically cut power altogether when electronics aren’t in use. You should also install CFL bulbs instead of incandescent ones and look for the ENERGY STAR® label when buying appliances and electronics. • Do an eco-home makeover. Weatherize your home by sealing ducts, caulking windows, and fixing weather stripping. Also install a low-flow showerhead and a programmable or smart thermostat. • Tap the tap. You pay a price for drinking bottled water. According to the Center for a New American Dream, drinking one 16-ounce bottle of water a day for a year means you’re spending about $500 more than you would by drinking the same amount of water from the water faucets in your home. Plus, all those plastics bottles have a negative effect on the environment. • Receive and pay your bills electronically. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American uses the equivalent of about one 100-foot-tall Douglas fir tree in paper each year. An easy and effective way to help the environment is to convert your billing statements from postal delivery to electronic delivery. This results in less demand for paper and less air pollution from paper production. To do even more for the environment, pay your bills electronically instead of mailing a check. Not only does this save trees by cutting down on paper use, you’ll also save money on postage. Colo Telephone and Central Iowa Broadband offer Online Bill Payment. With this system, you may view your bill online and then pay it using electronic check or your choice of a VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. For details, visit