Signal Winter 2022 Newsletter

LET’S TALK ABOUT TED TALKS Brief, inspired presentations put this website on the virtual map The conference became an annual event a few years later and has since blossomed into a viral phenomenon that features thousands of videos of live presentations at The popularity of TED talks is due to a unique configuration of passionate experts making brief, simple-to-understand presentations about topics for a broad audience. Their appeal is evident in how much the talks are shared on social media and in places where education and training take place, such as schools and businesses. In the following pages, we elaborate on what TED talks are and why they’re so effective. We also recommend specific videos you might want to watch as well as ways to find talks of interest on your own. Because the subject matter of TED talks is so diverse, there’s something for everyone on any day of the week. You’ll find options ranging from the big bang to Brazil, from happiness to humor, and from parenting to plastic. If you enjoy TED, be sure to check out the six websites we found that feature TED-style videos. Meanwhile, it’s time to sit back, relax, and get to know TED. TED — an abbreviation for technology, entertainment, and design — is an organization formed in 1984 as a one-off conference featuring speakers on those three topics. QUICK TIP: Subscribe to the TED YouTube channel to keep track of all the latest talks. 4