Signal Winter 2022 Newsletter

Contact us today (605) 582-6311 or visit Customize your connected devices Manage every device in your home with Ultimate Whole Home Wi-Fi Filter: Block entire internet categories, apps and websites. Time Limits: Limit time for individual apps or sites. Notifications: Receive push notifications for various events like time limits or when a new device connects to your network. My Priorities: Prioritize the devices and/or activities on your Wi-Fi to ensure you’re getting the best performance for what matters most. Safe Search: Defaults Google and YouTube searches to remove inappropriate and explicit content from their search results. Pause: Pause the internet for any individual family member, device or the whole house with the tap of a button. Usage: Compare time online today, last week, or in the month while viewing the total time spent online per category, app or website. Schedules: Set schedules for dinnertime, bedtime or schooltime. Schedules shuts off internet access for every device assigned to a profile.