Business Solutions for Fall 2022

Sometimes real-life success begins with a dream. We were reminded of this while visiting with Susan Wesa, who owns a winery in Williamson with her husband David Wesa. The couple dreamed of planting grapes during retirement, and it all came true, albeit years ahead of schedule. Learn more about their adventure on pages 4 and 5 in the Business Spotlight on The Winery at Shale Lake. Of course, we all need to do more than dream. So this fall issue of Business Solutions also explores the need to plan, protect, and change. On page 3, we ask the question, Does Your Business Have a Technology Plan? If your answer is “No,” this article will hopefully inspire you to start the process. You’ll find Computer Security: The Human Factor on page 6, which shares strategies on how to protect your business from social engineering that can lead to a security breach. Then on page 7, Tradition is Not a Business Model encourages you to change aspects of your business that may have worked in the past but no longer serve your best interests. What are you dreaming of for your business? Is it a new product? A different workplace culture? An expanded customer base? Ask us how technology from Madison Communications can help you make dreams come true. Sincerely, The Madison Team 2 F A L L 2 0 2 2 Madison Communications Main Office: Madison Communications 21668 Double Arch Road Staunton, IL 62088 Monday – Saturday, 8:00 – 5:00 p.m. Payment Drop-Off Centers: 118 E State, Hamel, IL 594 Livingston Av, Livingston, IL 315 W Main, Staunton, IL 21668 Double Arch Rd, Staunton, IL Mailing Address: Madison Communications PO Box 29 Staunton, IL 62088 Customer Service: Phone: 800-422-4848 Email: Fax: 618-635-7213 Publication Contact: Lexy Hagler, Marketing Coordinator President: Robert W. Schwartz Business Solutions is a publication of Madison Communications 21668 Double Arch Road Staunton, IL 62088 Editorial and Circulation Contact: Lexy Hagler PO Box 29 Staunton, IL 62088 Extra issues are available to business customer employees on a limited basis while supplies last. Contact: Lexy Hagler, PO Box 29, Staunton, IL 62088, 618-635-5000 All brand names and product names used in this publication are trade names, service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Copyright© 2022 by Madison Communications and Cornerstone Publishing Group, Inc. BUSINESS solutions