Business Connections for Spring 2019

The GigaCenter is a powerful Wi-Fi router that provides a superior broadband experience: • Dual-band support with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies to handle more traffic faster and lessen interference from other devices • Separate guest networks to protect your business network from security threats • Remote monitoring and diagnostics to identify and resolve issues quickly— in most cases, over the phone Add a Mesh device (or four) to your GigaCenter to extend your Wi-Fi coverage even farther.* 877.584.1581 • To discuss a Managed Wi-Fi system for your business, call 877.584.1581 today. CornerstoneGroup©2019 EQUIP YOUR BUSINESS FOR THE BEST WI-FI *Mesh devices can only be used with the GigaCenter Managed Wi-Fi system. GigaCenter $9.95/month Mesh Device $4.95/month