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F A L L 2 0 1 8 7 BUSINESS connections Employee Profile Darlene Scheuermann Director of Business Development Darlene Scheuermann joined Adams in 2015 as Business Sales Executive and became Director of Business Development in 2016. Scheuermann said, “As Director of Business Development, I love seeing the immediate impact our services have in helping businesses meet their communication needs. I’m fortunate to have been involved in building a strong team that works with our business customers. These businesses rely on Adams for excellent customer service, lightning fast fiber, expert technical support, state-of-the-art phone and computer systems, and now even virtual IT services. The development and implementation of new solutions is exciting, and makes me proud to be a part of Adams.” Outside of work, Scheuermann enjoys spending time with her husband of 20 years, Mark, as well as their two teenage sons, a large extended family, and an active Great Pyrenees puppy. She noted, “Our family is involved in St. Dominic School, Quincy Notre Dame High School, Boy Scouts, and St. Anthony Parish, and I’m a Chamber Ambassador. Quincy is my hometown, and I appreciate that companies including Adams are investing in the economic development and opportunities of our local communities.” Businesses Improve Efficiency with VoIP Internet-based phone systems can reduce costs and increase convenience V oice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has been available for a number of years but some companies were resistant to using it. Their hesitation often stemmed from the perception that VoIP offered poor sound quality and availability could be affected if the company’s Internet service went down. In actuality, today’s VoIP systems offer sound quality that’s clearer than traditional telephony as long as there’s a solid Internet connection. Many telecommunications providers allow business customers to set up disaster recovery routing using a preset cell phone or landline number. With disaster recovery routing, the VoIP system senses when the Internet connection goes down and routes the call to another number. Additional benefits of VoIP include: • VoIP phone systems offer greater functionality than a traditional phone system. For example, they can provide a voicemail to email feature so users can get voicemail messages in their inboxes. • A VoIP phone system is typically less expensive than a traditional phone system; customers can expect up to 20 percent in savings. • Businesses that use VoIP typically find their long-distance charges are reduced. • VoIP users can take advantage of options for leasing their phone system. • Businesses can convert their existing phone system to VoIP. • VoIP systems are flexible and can be deployed in different ways, including a T1, PRI, or SIP, depending on the needs of the business. • VoIP phones can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection (e.g. employees’ homes for work-from-home days). Call Adams at 217-214-8708 to see how your business could benefit from a VoIP phone system.