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Feature Story

Your Live Streams are Limited

Only by Your Imagination

How Businesses

Use Live Streaming

Businesses are always looking for

ways to make themselves more visible

and have historically done so with the

media available at the time— from

print advertising to radio and TV

commercials to internet ads and

social media accounts. Now that live

streaming is gaining popularity, you

can bet companies are going to be

using it more often. Here are just a

few possibilities:


Any company that attends a

conference could walk the floor, stop-

ping at the most interesting booths.

Interviews –

A music venue could

broadcast interviews with musicians

that play there.

Meet-and-greets –

A software

company could introduce “the faces

behind the voices” in the customer

service department.

How-to presentations –

A small gro-

cer could hold a virtual class on how

to make a recipe using foods it sells.

Q & A sessions–

An interior designer

could answer questions about

choosing furniture.

Remember, live streaming is inter-

active, so get ready to watch, listen,

and respond.


emember the awkwardness you felt

when you first used Facebook and

other social media platforms? You prob-

ably weren’t sure how to operate it, what

your friends would find interesting, or

what to do when they responded. You

may have similar reservations if you’ve

thought about trying live streaming. But,

as with social media in general, the best

way to learn is by doing.

Keep in mind that live streaming is

immediate. Unlike other types of social

media posts (text, photos, video), your

audience is viewing what you display in

real time. It’s almost as if they’re there

with you. What could you share in a

live stream? The sky is pretty much the

limit – from a big gathering such as a

community concert to simply decorat-

ing cookies with the grandkids. Think

of live streaming as sharing online the

way you have in the past, but more

directly and with immediacy.

Just as in real life, there’s no edit button

when you live stream, and anything can

happen. This characteristic creates a

potential for a greater emotional con-

nection and allows you to be more

casual. You can just be you!

Some apps have been developed to help

you live stream in specific situations:


allows you to hold private

live streaming sessions with friends

you specify.


enables you to open a

“room” and invite friends to watch

or listen to media from YouTube,

Vimeo, Dailymotion, and SoundCloud

together and simultaneously talk to

each other.


allows you to watch a friend

play a game, so they can show you

tips for getting past that level you’re

stuck on.