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5Ways to Save

Money on Amazon

The retail giant Amazon offers many

ways to be a smart online shopper.

Here are just a few:

1. Subscribe and Save.

This Ama-

zon feature gives you discounts on

regularly ordered household items.

2. Amazon Prime.

This paid

service pays you back with free

two-day shipping, unlimited

access to videos and music, and

free photo storage.

3. Today’s Deals.

Click the Today’s

Deals link at the top of the Ama-

zon screen and find discounts for

electronics, apparel, kitchenwares,

and more.

4. Gift Cards.

Purchases shipped to cer-

tain states are subject to sales taxes.

But not when you use a gift card.

5. Price Matching.

Use this program

to get cash back if you find out an-

other retailer is selling your newly

purchased TV at a lower cost.

Goodreads Offers Great Deals for Bookworms

Book sharing application Goodreads isn’t a retailer, but it can save you money on books.

In your account, go to

Account Settings

and click


. Under DEALS, check the boxes

for what kind of deals you’d like Goodreads to send you. Under RETAILERS, choose the

sources where you normally purchase books. You’ll get email alerts with a link to your

favorite retailer when a book that fits your criteria goes on sale—often for much less

than the usual price!



Money-saving Tips for

Savvy Online Shoppers

Just like in the physical world, smart online shoppers can save big.

Here are a few tips and tricks to get you aboard the saving train.

1. Outsmart the algorithms.

Some retail

websites use algorithms to present

different prices to different shoppers

according to your previous shopping

activity. Get around this trap by clear-

ing your browsing history before you

shop or using your browser without

signing in.

2. Know when to shop.

Some retailers

offer better deals on certain days.

For example, Tuesdays are typically

the best day to buy computers, while

Saturdays bring specials from book

retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3. Subscribe to email alerts.

Many retail-

ers are more than happy to let you

know when the bargains are to be

had. Just sign up for each one’s news-

letter to receive offers and sale alerts.

4. Abandon your cart.

To use this strategy,

log in to the account of your favorite

online retailer and add an item to

your cart. Leave it there for a couple

of days, and see if you get a coupon

for a better price in your email inbox.

5. Buy a discounted gift card.

Use a gift

card swapping service like


to purchase a discounted

gift card. Then use it to get a great deal

on your next purchase at that store.