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Feature Story

What Makes a Great


All live video streams are spontaneous

and have the potential to spark interest

in viewers. But all live streams are not

created equal. Some of the most viral

Facebook Live videos offer insight into

what makes a great live stream.

The best of the best is known as

“Chewbacca Mom” and features Can-

dace Payne sitting in her parked car

having just bought herself a birthday

gift: a Chewbacca mask that roars

like the Star Wars character when the

wearer opens their mouth. Candace

gleefully and repeatedly shows how

it works, interrupted by an infectious

minutes-long giggling fit. By the time

you’re done watching, you can’t wait to

hang out with Candace again.

In another favorite, Ted Yoder plays

a beautiful rendition of the Tears for

Fears song “Everybody Wants to Rule

the World” on a hammered dulcimer.

The setting is a peaceful yard with a

few family members (including a pet

raccoon!) enjoying the show. A third

standout features Dena Blizzard hilari-

ously demonstrating a fictional game

called “Chardonnay Go”—a play on

Pokemon Go—which guides users to

random glasses of Chardonnay in their

immediate area.

Lights, Camera, Go Live!

If you think you might want to dip your toes into live streaming, you

have many options for applications to use to do it. Here are descrip-

tions of some of the most popular ones:


Twitter’s contribution to the live stream-

ing world, Periscope, is a stand-alone app

that allows users to live stream and send

the streams out through Twitter.

Facebook Live

Facebook users can start a live stream

any time with a few taps. Unlike Twitter’s

offering, Periscope, Facebook’s streaming

feature is integrated into the platform.

You can choose to save streams as videos.

YouTube Live

The original home to all things video,

YouTube continues its offering with

an easy-to-use live streaming function.

Upon completion, live streams are con-

verted to regular videos.

Developed by music streaming platform,


app allows users to

broadcast live streams and interact with

each other in real time. Once completed,

live streams permanently disappear.

Instagram Live

The popular photo- and video-sharing

app Instagram allows users to go live

to followers any time with its Live

Stories feature. Live streams are not

preserved, so users can feel comfort-

able sharing things they may not want

available later.

Which service you choose will

depend on which platforms

you’re already using. For example,

YouTube users will likely be com-

fortable with that service’s live stream

function. You’ll also want to consider

certain features, such as disappearing

versus retained live streams, or the ability

to embed the stream if you want to use

it elsewhere.


New Samsung

camera apps feature a button to

start a live YouTube broadcast.