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Best Shopping Sites

for Mobile Use

There’s an art to designing a great

mobile shopping site, and some re-

tailers do it better than others. Here

are a few of the best:


The home page gives you

easy-to-navigate categories to find

what you want right away. Just a few

more taps and you’ve purchased a

great pair of shoes.



Need a cosmetics fix? Head

to the Sephora site and check out

suggested items, or use the catego-

ries or search function to find your

favorite product.


The home page offers informa-

tion about upcoming classes at a

store near you. To shop, just tap the

menu button to browse your favorite

adventure gear.


There’s plenty of information

here about products and sales. Plus,

you can create an account for pur-

chases and your list of favorite items.

Feature Story

Get in the Checkout Line for

These Shopping Extras

As the online retail industry evolves, new ways to improve your

shopping experience are emerging. Automation and personalization

are at the top of the list.


Features like Amazon Dash Buttons

allow you to reorder household items you

use frequently. Entire delivery services

like Instacart for groceries, UberEats for

restaurant food, and Postmates for a vari-

ety of items are also gaining popularity.

As ecommerce continues to evolve, watch

for more services that automate shopping

and delivery.


Retailers are taking advantage of many

new technologies including artificial

intelligence (AI). Stores can use it to

create a more personalized shopping

experience based on customers’ digital

histories. For example, companies like

North Face are using past buying data

to provide customized recommendations

for additional purchases.

Easier Returns

One of the downsides of online shopping,

especially when buying clothes, is not

being able to handle merchandise before

you buy. But consumers feel better if they

at least know they’ll be able to return

items easily if they don’t work out. That’s

why many retailers are adopting an

automated return processing system that

uses prepaid shipping labels. The savviest

retailers, like Zappos, already offer a free,

no-questions-asked return policy.

Subscription Services

Love wine? Laithwaites Wine Club

is an online subscription service just

for you. Are you a yogi? There’s one

for you too, Yogi Surprise, as well

as subscription services for foodies

(Blue Apron), fashionistas (Stitch Fix),

makeup lovers (Julep), vinyl record

aficionados (Vinyl Me, Please), and

guys who like a clean shave (Dollar

Shave). Retailers in this growing service

sector note your preferences and send

you periodic boxes filled with your

favorite goodies.


If you shop a store

consistently, consider down-

loading its app to make mobile

purchasing even easier.