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Americans + Online Shopping = A Love Connection


t’s no secret that Americans love

shopping, and online retail sites make

it even easier to do. According to a study

conducted by the Pew Research Center,

around 80 percent of Americans are

online shoppers, and 15 percent buy

online weekly. This is a huge jump from

2000, when just 22 percent of Americans

surveyed had made a purchase online.

According to vpnMentor, the U.S. leads

in overall ecommerce spending, and

shopping is the fifth most popular online

activity behind email, instant messag-

ing, location-based services, and social

networks. Here are a few more key



Reviews are critical to making

online buying decisions, as well as offline

comparisons. The Pew report found that

82 percent of adults surveyed said they

read online customer reviews at least

sometimes before purchasing an item for

the first time. (Interestingly, however, only

one in 10 Americans “nearly always”

post their own reviews.)

Influencing factors.

Another recent

study by BigCommerce showed that when

clicking the “buy” button, consumers are

most influenced by price, shipping cost

and speed, and discount offers. Nearly 25

percent of online shoppers are also swayed

by social media recommendations, and 42

percent are prompted by tips from friends

and family.


The Pew study revealed that

51 percent of respondents have made

a purchase using a mobile phone (the

number is 77 percent for consumers aged

18 to 29), and 15 percent have made

purchases by following a link from a

social media site.

Most popular sites.

Among the

most influential sites for shopping are

—which, according to

vpnMentor, is the only retail destination

among the top 10 most visited websites

—and Pinterest, which is by far the

most-used social media platform for

online browsing and buying.

Fastest Growing

Ecommerce Categories

A recent study by consumer behavior

measurement company comScore

revealed some interesting ecommerce

growth trends. According to Market-

ingCharts, which reported on the study,

jewelry and watches are the fastest-

growing category in the U.S., with 39

percent year-over-year growth in 2016.

Next in line were furniture, appliances,

and equipment at 26 percent, and com-

puter software at 24 percent. Apparel

and accessories only increased by 20

percent, but remains the top product

category. The prize for largest increase

in dollars spent went to video games,

consoles, and accessories.





Source: vpnMentor, “Internet Trends 2017. Stats & Facts in the U.S. and Worldwide,”



Consumers spend

more mobile time on retail

sites, but mobile purchases

only account for 20 percent of

dollars spent online.