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Feature Story

Say hello to new ways to “buy buy”

What’s more, online retailers are adding

innovations to improve the customer

experience so you’ll return again and

again. They include personalization

to point you to products you may like

based on past purchases and subscrip-

tion services to keep new merchandise

arriving regularly.

Browse around the next few pages to

explore these developments as well as

other fascinating aspects of today’s

online shopping. You’ll find some

little-known tips for the best mobile

shopping sites, the most worth-it

loyalty programs, and the smartest

ways to save money. You’ll also get

valuable advice on how to stay safe in

the ecommerce world.

Despite the appeal of online shopping,

it can’t provide everything available

from your local brick-and-mortar stores.

Plus, there are many community advan-

tages to buying local. Try to develop a

combination strategy that reflects your

priorities. For example, you might do

your regular grocery shopping down

the street but sign up for a monthly sub-

scription to have gourmet extras mailed

to you. Or you might order some of

your clothing online, but also visit local

stores to try on fashions and take them

home that day.

Clearly, you have a growing number of

options in how to shop these days. So

enjoy the process, whether you place

items in a virtual shopping cart or push

a real one (with or without squeaky

wheels) through a store.

The amount of shopping people do via the internet has increased dramatically in recent years, and it’s

no wonder. This purchasing method offers the convenience of being able to compare products from a

wide selection of retailers and then buy in an instant from your computer or mobile device.