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Feature Story

People are using live streaming to bring

others into their world, from cooking

in the kitchen to professional sporting

events to kids’ music recitals. The pos-

sibilities are endless, and in the next few

pages, you’ll find everything you need to

know to add this fun technology to your

social media mix.

We start with the history and influences

of live streaming and why it’s become

popular so quickly. Then we walk you

through the features of some of the most

prominent live streaming services and

provide a step-by-step tutorial for using

Facebook Live. You’ll learn why some

live streams go viral and how they’ve

influenced what shows up in the news.

You’ll also pick up some fun ideas for

ways to use live streaming and discover

what the future holds for this new com-

munication medium.

Whether you’re using live streaming to

involve others in a family celebration or

to share the fun of a community event,

you’re engaging others in your world,

which adds something special to theirs.



Live streaming is the next step in the evolution of online tools to help you stay close to friends and family.

For years, you’ve captured and shared important moments using text, photos, and regular videos. Now live

videos allow you to do it even better.




of internet and

mobile audiences

watched more live video in

2016 than in 2015.