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12 Reasons to Start Using Twitter

It may become your favorite way to update friends, follow celebrities,

and monitor news




Here are 12 of the best reasons we know

to use Twitter. Once you try it, you’re

sure to find additional ones of your own.

1. Share information.

As with other social media sites, you can

use Twitter to share information about

yourself, such as what you’re doing,

thinking, watching, or eating. Twitter is

great for posting brief updates from the

mundane to the profound, and you can

use text, photos, videos, or links.

2. Find easy answers.

As you follow more people and more

follow you, you’ll have a ready-made

brain trust to find the answers to all

of life’s little questions: What are the

best restaurants in the town I’ll be visit-

ing? Does anyone know of a good lawn

mowing service? What was the name of

that extra Brady kid?

3. Enhance your job search.

When you’re on the hunt for a new job,

you can let people know. You can also

network with professionals in your

industry, including ones employed by

your target companies, and look for

job openings since many businesses

post them on Twitter.

4. Get celebrity updates.

Want to keep up with the Kardashians?

You can do it here, along with learning

the latest from your other celebrity faves.

See Jennifer Lopez’s favorite shoes, be the

If you haven’t looked into Twitter since it began in 2006, it may be worth another look. Twitter has added

lots of useful functionality, and many more people have joined the social media site. Plus, most businesses

and organizations are now tweeting, which gives you access to real-time updates on their viewpoints,

activities, and offers.

Social Media Basics