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8 WebsiteCompass Some brain game resources focus on specific skills such as memory, reasoning, spatial ability, vocabulary, or numbers. Others serve as hubs for gathering a mul- titude of games in one place. Popular, Readily Available Games Many versions of these games are avail- able online or in standalone apps. Crossword puzzles: Whether you go with one from a newspaper, an app, or a web- site, these clue-based word puzzles are sure to test your knowledge and recall. Scrabble: Scrabble is a great way to practice looking for anagrams and mak- ing strategic choices. The limit of only seven letters forces creative thinking and problem-solving. Studies show that play- ing Scrabble may make the parts of your brain responsible for visual perception and working memory work harder. Sudoku: Sudoku is a game where you place numbers onto a grid and try to do so in a way that each row, column, and three-by-three box holds the numbers one through nine without repeating anything. Sudoku requires you to think ahead as you put numbers into the grid. KenKen: If you enjoy Sudoku, you may just love KenKen. KenKen is similar to Sudoku, but instead of just entering num- bers into a grid, you also use math! When you play KenKen, the puzzle has numbers in the corners of some boxes, followed by a math operation. You must use these clues to decide which numbers to place in the full-size boxes. Brain Game Apps There are thousands of apps available to train your brain, but with so many choices, how will you know what to try out? Here are some to get you started. Wordscapes: If you mixed a crossword puzzle and Scrabble, you’d get Wordscapes. This game gives you six letters and a blank crossword puzzle with boxes. By making different combinations of letters, you even- tually uncover all of the three-, four-, five-, and six-letter words on the grid. Games to Train Your Brain There are plenty of playful options to help keep your mind sharp Internet Connections You may associate games with children having fun. But some games can also promote learning and strengthen brain skills for people of any age. They’re an effective way to keep your brain engaged and sharp as the years go by.