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16 WebsiteCompass Beyond the Basics T here’s no denying we live in stressful times. In fact, studies show Ameri- cans are reporting considerably higher levels of stress today than in recent years. The dangerous thing about stress is that it can take a serious toll on your physical and mental health. With everything going on in the world right now, technology can sometimes feel like an additional source of stress—causing distraction, anxiety, and sleep problems. For these reasons, it’s certainly a good idea to unplug when you can. But used thoughtfully, technology can also help us relax, decompress, and stay healthy. Try using the following resources to help you find a little calm even during your most stressful days. Websites to Help You Relax Google Calendar Using a well-organized calendar is much less stressful than trying to keep every- thing in your head. Google Calendar will make it easy to keep track of events, tasks, and meetings. The calendar syncs across all your internet-connected devices, so you’ll always know what’s next on your schedule. Don’t forget to schedule in time to meditate or take a relaxing bubble bath! Do Nothing for 2 Minutes This website delivers exactly what the name suggests: It encourages you to do nothing for two minutes. When you go to the site, a timer starts counting down. Use Technology to HelpYou De-Stress When you can’t unplug, these tech tools can help you unwind