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8 WebsiteCompass Luckily, there are easy search tricks that can help you cut through the clutter, search more efficiently, and use Google Search like a pro: Use Quotation Marks Putting quotation marks around the search term you’re using ensures that Google only returns search results that contain those exact words. If you’re looking for a specific fabric pattern, for example, enter “muslin houndstooth” and Google will deliver results that include exactly that phrase. This can help you reduce time spent looking at irrelevant websites. Search a Specific Website Maybe you already know which website the information is on, but you just can’t seem to find it. Google can help with this, too. There are two ways to search a web- site using Google Search: 1. Using the Google Search bar, type in your search term followed by “site:” and the URL for the website you want to search. For example: carrot muffins site: . When Google sees this, it only pulls up carrot muffin recipes from that specific website. 2. This method works if you’re using the Google Chrome browser. Go to the website you want to search, type “site:” in the address bar in front of the website URL, followed by your search term. Using our carrot muffins example, the address bar would look like this: site :https://www.chocolatecoveredkatie . com carrot muffins. Again, Google will deliver search results having to do with carrot muffins on that website only. Exclude CertainWords Sometimes your Google search results include things that are close but aren’t quite right. For example, you’re searching for bass guitars, but you’re getting search results with fishing tips. To narrow your search results, you can exclude words by putting a hyphen in front of them. For example, searching for “bass guitars –fishing” will tell Google to exclude the word “fishing” from the search results. Your Great Googling Guide Follow these tips to get better search results more quickly Internet Connections On the surface, using the Google search engine is easy. You type a few words into the search bar and Google serves up results. Lots and lots of results. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t give you the exact information you’re hoping to find.