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WebsiteCompass 5 Home Considerations for RemoteWorkers If you work remotely, you’ll want your next home to include features like these to enhance your efficiency and productivity: • Office space. While not essential, an entire room dedicated to work helps you create a boundary between business- and home-related activities. For example, your children will know it’s work time when you’re in the office. • Robust internet service. Make sure the home location has access to fast and reliable internet service. This is probably the single most important factor. • Peace and quiet. Is the home you’re considering in a busy area with lots of traffic, people, or machinery? If so, a quieter location might be a better choice to remove distractions that hamper concentration. • Convenient location. You may no longer need to travel to a workplace every day, but what about going there for meetings? Be sure the drive is doable. Now that you have this list, you’re ready to get to work! If you want your next home to be a smart home, look for existing components in houses you’re touring. The following smart home devices are some of the most common in properties now on the market. Get Smart When You Tour Properties Smart Thermostat Smart thermostats like Google’s Nest (store.google.com/category/connected_ home) perform automated actions like turning the heat or cooling down when you leave the house and enabling you to change the temperature even when you’re not home. Security System A home security system might include door locks, doorbells, and cameras, all of which operate from an app on your phone. These components can be paired with other systems like lighting, so the lights turn on when you open the door. Lighting Smart lights can be controlled using your phone or an assistant like Alexa (amazon.com/dp/B085HK4KL6). Smart light switches are another option that works with LED lights and can be operated from your phone. Appliances Just about any appliance can be smart, including refrigerators, electric ranges, dishwashers, clothes washers, and dryers. Even smaller items like toaster ovens can be operated using a companion app. Smart Plugs Smart plugs (homedepot.com/p/ Wyze-Wi-Fi-Smart-Plug-2-PackWLPP1CFH/310678611) may be one of the best smart devices available, given that anything you plug into it becomes controllable from your phone or assistant. Smoke Detectors Smart smoke detectors can alert you via your phone, no matter where you are, or automatically turn on the house lights to make for an easier escape. Remember, even if the home has some of these items, they might not remain after the sale, or you may need to purchase additional equipment to make them work. QUICK TIP: Check out HGTV’s ideas for home office décor at hgtv.com/design/rooms/otherrooms/10-tips-for-designingyour-home-office.