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BUYING OR SELLING YOUR DWELLING Know what to expect as you navigate today’s housing market In the following pages, we explore current real estate trends and share advice from the experts. You’ll discover why more people are moving to smaller cities, what home features are sought after most, how both buyers and sellers can take advantage of current market conditions, and whether historically low mortgage rates are here to stay. Buyers will want to check out the section about smart home technology to learn what gadgets to look for during home tours, and sellers will want to review what not to do when selling a home. Everyone will find something useful in the content offered by the featured real estate websites and apps. So, no matter where you’re moving to or from, and regardless of where you are in the process, take a tour of this article to get dozens of tips for achieving real estate success. Anyone who pays attention to the headlines knows that real estate prices are up, mortgage rates are affordable, and housing inventory is low. But what does all this mean if you’re planning to buy or sell a home this year? QUICK TIP: If you can wait until late summer to do your house hunting, you might end up with a better deal. 2 WebsiteCompass