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8 WebsiteCompass I t can be fun to learn a new trick on your computer to replace the clunky old way you’ve been doing something for years—whether it’s a shortcut that saves you time or a “hack” that enables you to do something you once thought impossible. Here’s a list of tech tips to read through, test out, and save for future reference. You’ll be glad you did. 1. Open a closed tab. Closing the wrong tab is frustrating. But luckily, you don’t have to remem- ber what page you were on. All you have to do is hit Ctrl+Shift+T on a PC or Cmd+Shift+T on a Mac and the last tab you closed will open again to the page you were viewing. Please note: This only works if you haven’t shut down the browser. 2. Get Amazon on the phone. Sometimes, you just want to talk to a human on the phone when you have a problem with an Amazon delivery. But, if you’ve ever been on Amazon’s “Con- tact Us” page, you know they don’t list a phone number. Your only options appear to be send them an email or chat with someone in the chatbox. There is a way to get Amazon on the phone, however. If you look closely under the “Start Chatting Now” box on the con- tact page, you’ll notice a link that says, “We can call you.” Fill in your information and a customer service agent from Amazon will call you back as soon as possible. You need to be logged into your Amazon account for this to work properly. 3. Undo almost anything. You can undo almost any action on your computer, from typing the wrong thing to accidentally deleting a file, with Ctrl+Z. 8 Truly Handy TechTips Give them a try to make your life a little easier Internet Connections