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According to Independent Sector, a membership organization for nonprofits, “About 63 million Americans volunteer about 8 billion hours of their time, talent, and effort to improve and strengthen their communities.” But what does it take to be a volunteer? Take advantage of the many opportunities to help others (and help yourself) 2 WebsiteCompass Feature Story Volunteerism is different from what you might expect. Almost anyone—regard- less of age, ability, or availability— can volunteer in some capacity. In the following pages, we offer resources to help you find the best fit if you want to lend a hand. Finding volunteer activities isn’t difficult but if you’re new to this, be sure to visit our sections about determining how you want to contribute, how children and teens can participate, and how to dis- cover organizations that need your help. Our look at recent trends reveals that volunteering is more convenient than ever with technology-based sign-up and assignment options. In fact, a whole subset of volunteering, referred to as virtual volunteering, has emerged. Finally, don’t forget to read about how volunteering can be great not just for the people you’re helping but for your own health and well-being. National Volunteer Week is April 19-25 this year, which is a great reminder to reach out whenever you’re ready and offer your services to an organization whose mission is important to you. Source: VOLUNTEERING BUILDS BETTER COMMUNITIES FAST FACT: Americans contribute approximately $203.4 billion to the national economy through nonprofit organizations of all types. Source: