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2 WebsiteCompass Feature Story The following pages highlight many of these websites, whose creators and con- tributors love books as much as you do. We’ve included something for everyone here, whether you want to know about new releases, buy or trade books, track your books and see what your friends are reading, or learn about the authors behind your favorite works. You’ll also find tons of extras, like inspiration for creating your best book club, where to find books when you’re on a budget, and why audiobooks are all the rage. We think you’ll especially love the websites of long-standing independent booksellers The Strand and Powell’s Books, as well as the service BookCrossing, which enables you to track books that you send out into the world. You won’t want to miss Cover Spy, a Tumblr that tracks what people are reading in New York’s public spaces. Plus, check out the six tips for taking a great shelfie! It’s time to make a cup of tea, call your cat (borrow one if you need to), and settle in for the next chapter of your reading adventure. As technology advances, avid readers have an ever-widening array of ways to enjoy books. You can choose traditional paper books as well as ebooks, audiobooks, and books available to read online. There are also a growing number of resources to help guide you to your next great read. SO MANY BOOKS, SO LITTLE TIME Bookworms will love crawling through these online reader resources QUICK TIP: Yes, independent bookstores still exist. Support them by visiting Indie Store Finder ( ) and shopping at the ones nearest you.