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WebsiteCompass 13 Back to Basics Tips and Tricks for Google’s Chrome Browser Change the look, manage passwords, avoid tracking, and much more G oogle’s Chrome browser offers basic features for finding what you need online. Type a search term into the omni- box (also known as search box) and get a list of Google search results. Or enter a URL and the browser takes you there. But did you know Chrome offers a multitude of advanced functions as well? Try those listed here to use Chrome to its fullest potential. Install Extensions Chrome has many great features, but you can add even more with extensions. For example, the Pinterest extension enables you to save something from the page you’re on to Pinterest with just a couple clicks. The Honey extension searches for discount codes every time you shop. Adblock Plus removes most ads. To find extensions, go to webstore/category/extensions. Sync with Google Want to see all your bookmarks, account settings, passwords, and recent searches no matter which device you’re using Chrome on? It’s easy. Just log on to your Google account from each device. In the upper-right corner of the browser, select the Menu (three stacked dots) icon. Select Settings . On the Settings page, under People , select Turn on sync > Yes, I’m in. Change the Look You can change the color or theme of Chrome. To do it, open a new tab and, at the bottom of the screen, select Customize . In the dialog box, in the Background tab, choose a standard back- ground or upload your own photo. In the Shortcuts tab, indicate whether you want