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10 WebsiteCompass T ikTok (see ) is a performance-focused video sharing app that’s popular with younger users (known as Musers). But no matter your age, you can have fun watching, sharing, and creating brief videos. How TikTok Began Started by Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang, TikTok began with the name in 2014. After gaining a dedicated following primarily in the Americas and Europe, the app was acquired by Beijing-based media and tech company ByteDance in 2017. At the time, ByteDance owned a similar app, TikTok, which was popular in Asia. ByteDance decided to combine the two apps into one, retaining the TikTok name. The combined app incorporated new creator tools, interactive filters, and performance improvements such as filters, background effects, and personalized recommendations. Slate magazine noted, “Since digital mindfulness is all the rage right now, the new app is able to warn Musers when they’ve been using it for more than two hours.” Musers need to be reminded because it’s easy to slip into following recommendations for the next video and the next and the next. At least partly due to its addictive nature, TikTok has grown to approximately 800 million active Musers worldwide. Showcasing Talent and Having Fun TikTok borrows features from similar apps. For example, as with Instagram Stories, all videos appear in portrait mode. As with Snapchat, you can use fun filters in your video creations. Similar to Facebook’s Likes, TikTok allows you to use hearts to show appreciation. There’s Something for Everyone onTikTok Download this highly popular app for a unique entertainment experience Social Media Basics