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8 WebsiteCompass Internet Connections Happy 20th Anniversary, Google Search! To celebrate, Google is giving users the gift of new features I t may be hard to believe, but it’s been 20 years since Google gave the world Google Search and forever changed the way we find information online. To mark the anniversary, Google has introduced several new features to the search engine that will enrich your search expe- rience, and they’re using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do it. From cataloging your search history to showing you relevant video clips, Google Search is getting a lot more personal. Let’s look at some of the new features. Activity Cards Have you ever found yourself returning to a search query from the past and wishing you could remember what you’ve already looked at? If so, Google’s new activity cards can help solve that problem. An activity card is a visual representation of your search history on a given topic. Whenever you perform a search, Google will display an activity card above your search results. When you expand the card, you’ll see related search queries as well as the pages you’ve already visited while researching the same topic. Collections Ever wish you could save specific search results for future reference? With Google’s new Collections feature, you’ll be able to organize and save your search results directly from your activity cards. Saving search results to a collection is sort of like pinning some- thing in Pinterest—you’re creating a catalog of related search results. It could come in very handy when you’re planning a trip and want to search different aspects of your destination, or even if you’re doing research for a big project at work. 2 0