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WebsiteCompass 7 Bring your guides out to the garden with you by downloading the apps on this list. They make it easier to identify, grow, and care for plants, as well enable you to ask real live experts for advice. These Apps are Handy Gardening Tools From Seed to Spoon This comprehensive app includes detailed growing guides for more than 100 specific plants, step-by-step instructions for veggie gardening, customized planting dates based on your location, and help with critters that might try to destroy all your hard work. Smart Plant Home Wouldn’t it be great if your plants could tell you what they need? Now they can. With this app, you can set up a digital garden and get notifications when your plants need water or other care. The app also recommends other plants you might like. Garden Plan Pro (iOS only) Planning is a big part of gardening, and this app helps you do it with flexible drawing tools and an extensive database of plants and varieties. You can easily design the perfect garden layout, rearrange plants, and track your progress. Plant advice is based on your location. Moon and Garden This unique app uses information about the phases of the moon to help you know what to do in your garden each day. It includes a calendar, photo gallery to store snaps of your garden, and alarms to remind you to perform gardening tasks. Garden Answers A useful tool for any gardener, this app helps you identify plants, diagnose diseases, get expert advice, and keep all your answers in one handy place. The simple interface makes it easy to snap a photo and ask your questions, and you’ll get detailed information in return. Don’t Forget to Call Before You Dig Gardening is delightful, but there are things that can interfere with your enjoyment—like too much or too little rain, a hailstorm right after you plant, or hungry animals that eat your produce. Another potential problem is hitting a buried line as you dig, which can interfere with both your garden and your utility service. To prevent this situation, always call 811 before you dig to request that utility representatives mark with paint or flags the location of buried utility lines. That way, you can avoid these areas when you begin any outdoor project that involves digging, from planting a garden to building a patio. You can also visit for more information. For best results, plan ahead and call a few business days before you want to dig. QUICKTIP: Want to garden with others? Explore community gardening at