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WebsiteCompass 7 Folks entering their retirement years have a lot of questions. How much money do I need to save? What will my life be like once I stop working? How do I maintain physical and mental health? TED experts have answers to these questions and more. Plan Your Retirement With TED Talks for the 50+ Crowd The battle between your present and future self In this TED talk, behavioral economist and decision-making expert Daniel Goldstein says you can make better decisions now by making friends with your future self. 3 ways to plan for the (very) long term Here futurist Ari Wallach recommends planning not just for 10 to 20 years out, but for 30 to 50 years into the future. That includes not just your own life, but the legacy you’ll leave for your loved ones. The surprising science of happiness In this talk, Dan Gilbert, author of the book Stumbling on Happiness, describes how we can continue to feel happy when things in our lives don’t go as planned. Life’s third act Jane Fonda, noted actress and activist, acknowledges that life expectancy is much longer than it used to be and offers wisdom about how to re-imagine the final third of our lives. How to live to be 100+ This TED talk features author Dan Buettner, who shares lifestyle tips— including being physically active, eating a plant-based diet, and having purpose —for living a longer life. There’s no shame in taking care of your mental health Entrepreneur Sangu Delle talks about his experience with depression, the stigma around mental health in our society, and how to overcome it. TEDx Localizes Learning A TEDx event brings together local speakers to share their expertise on a variety of topics. These events have some features in common with TED events. First, they follow the TED format of brief, carefully prepared talks, demonstrations, or performances that revolve around a single idea. The talks are meant to be free of commercial, religious, or political agendas and to inspire meaningful conversations. Anyone can plan a TEDx event for their community, school, company, or organization. If you want to do so, first determine the type of event and give it an inviting name. You’ll also need to secure a TEDx license through TED. The next steps include selecting a venue and recruiting a team to help with organizing. Look for speakers who have something of value to share, then promote and present your event. Finally, be sure to photograph and video your speakers so others can learn from their expertise for years to come. Learnmore at organize-a-local-tedx-event/beforeyou-start/tedx-rules.