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WebsiteCompass 5 TED makes it easy to find talks you may be interested in watching. When you go to, two of the menu items are Watch and Discover, which include links to areas to help you locate what you’re looking for or perhaps consider a topic you hadn’t thought of before. How to Find TED Talks That Speak to You TED Talks. Use your own search terms and filter by topics, languages, and duration, or sort by newest, relevance, or most viewed. TED Recommends. Identify topics you’re interested in, watch and rate videos, and TED will email you more like them. Playlists. Want to take a deep dive into your favorite subject? This section offers lists of talks on the same topic. TED Series. TED series offer multiple talks on the same subject, such as money or work, from the same expert. TED-Ed Videos. These videos from the TED-Ed Project offer short lessons aimed at educators and students. TEDx Talks. These videos highlight talks given at TEDx events, which are local TED conferences. Topics are just as varied as in regular TED talks. Topics. Looking for a very specific subject? You’re likely to find it on this page, which lists all TED topics from A to Z. Podcasts. The TED Audio Collective is a collection of podcasts for listeners who want to get immersed in exciting ideas. Ideas Blog. Think TED-style ideas in a blog format. You’ll find posts in the areas of technology, business, arts and design, science, and humans. Newsletter. Sign up to get personalized TED recommendations or to learn what’s new at TED. QUICK TIP: TED offers four-week courses on topics like taking a life-changing journey and reimagining your career. Explore theWorld of Talks Beyond TED Can’t get enough of TED? You may also want to check out these websites that feature TED-style videos. Talks at Google ( It’s no surprise, given Google’s multifaceted collection of products, that it offers expert-presented videos on a wide range of topics. Big Think ( This website regularly reaches out to a network of 2,000 experts to ask them about important ideas in their fields. Ideacity ( Ideacity is Canada’s version of TED. TheMoth ( A bit of a twist on TED-style talks, The Moth features true stories focusing on human experience and connection. 99U ( This valuable collection includes talks on topics ranging from creativity to careers. Ignite ( Like TED talks, Ignite presentations follow their own specific format: 5 minutes and 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds.