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WebsiteCompass 7 Clothing always seems to fail at the worst times, like a shirt button popping off when you’re about to leave for a meeting. So it makes sense to know how to complete simple clothing repairs yourself at home. Mending Clothes Can Be “Sew” Easy 1. Sew on a Button If you notice a button starting to dangle, fix it before it falls off. If you weren’t able to catch it in time and you don’t have the original button, see if there’s a replacement somewhere on the garment. Otherwise, head to a craft or fabric store with the garment to match the button as closely as possible. Thread a needle with thread that matches the color of the fabric and tie a knot at the end. Bring the needle and thread up from the back of the fabric through a hole in the button. Go down and up again several times through the holes in the button until it’s secure, then tie another knot. 2. Replace a Drawstring When the drawstring pulls out of your favorite hoodie or sweatpants, follow these simple instructions to put it back in place. First, you’ll need a safety pin. Affix the safety pin to one end of the drawstring and then begin feeding it through the track that the drawstring came out of. Slowly, work the safety pin through the waistband (or hoodie drawstring hole) and gently help the safety pin move around to the other hole. When you pull it out on the opposite side, simply remove the safety pin. Consider tying larger knots on both ends of the drawstring to prevent it from disappearing again. 3. Fix a Torn Seam When the seat splits on your pants, you’ll be glad to have this video resource. First, make sure you have thread that matches the garment, a needle, and scissors. Then follow this helpful step-by-step guide to fixing a torn seam, demonstrated by a tailor. ( QUICK TIP: Toolkits designed specifically for women are lighter in weight and feature handles with extra grip. From Scratched Lenses to a Deflated Air Mattress Once you have some basic fix-it skills down, you can troubleshoot and repair many things, including eyeglasses, camping gear, and bicycles. Eyeglasses Certain eyeglass repairs should be done by a professional, but others are just fine to do yourself. For example, you can bend wire frames back into place using a pair of soft-tipped pliers. You can also repair some scratched lenses with, of all things, toothpaste. Check out for more tips. Camping Gear Knowing how to repair camping gear is important because, when you’re camping, there are no repair services around. For instance, to prevent moisture from entering your tent, or keep from sleeping directly on the ground due to a deflated air mattress, you can easily repair loose seams with sealant. To learn more, check out REI’s Camping Care and Repair section at Bicycles Some bicycle repairs may be too complicated for you to take on, but others, such as replacing handlebar grips, are simple for beginners. For help fixing many parts of your bike, explore the DIY video tutorials at