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2 WebsiteCompass Feature Story From sewing on a button to stopping a leaky pipe, you’ve got this! Indulge us and answer this question: When you hear the word “handy,”what do you think? A) Yep, that’s me. I’m all over anything that needs fixing. B) I know how to use a few basic tools but that’s about it. C) I have no idea how to fix anything but I’m willing to learn. D) I call a local handyperson when I need something fixed. If you answered B, C, or D, the next few pages are especially for you. They’re packed with tips and resources to help you take the next step toward becoming handier, no matter your current skill level. You’ll also learn where to go to find out more about fixing things like furniture, appliances, electronics, and clothes. If you chose A, you already know that fixing things yourself can be effective and save you money. Keep reading to discover resources you may not know about, such as YouTube channels, repair guides for specific types of items, and repair cafés. After reading, we hope all of you will expand your knowledge and increase your confidence when it comes to making repairs. Get ready to troubleshoot, tinker, and triumph. QUICK TIP: Successful repairs depend on correctly identifying the problem that needs to be solved. Take the time to do your homework! LEARN TO FIX ALMOST ANYTHING