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WebsiteCompass 15 No method is 100% foolproof for avoiding stalkerware or any other kind of malware. However, there are steps you can take to help protect yourself or to remove the offending app if you’ve already been a victim. The following tips are general advice from reputable sources. However, you should consult with the police or an attorney if you have serious concerns. Steps You Can Take to Avoid Stalkerware To determine if you already have stalkerware installed on your device: It pays to take steps to avoid stalkerware but consider that you might already be a victim. To find out for sure, follow these steps. 1. Look for unusual behavior on your device, such as a rapidly draining battery, device overheating, or higher-than-normal data traffic on your mobile data report. 2. Scan your device with apps like MalwareBytes, Certo, NortonLifeLock, and Lookout, which can detect stalkerware. 3. Take a close look at your apps to see if anything is unfamiliar or suspicious. 4. Research settings for your operating system that could indicate your device has been compromised. 5. Note that stalkerware can be preinstalled on a new device given as a gift, so use these steps if you have reason to suspect the giver wants to track your online activity. If you find stalkerware on your device: If you find stalkerware on your device, the situation may be delicate. If you delete it, you alert the stalker that you have found it. Consider leaving it in place while you decide what other steps to take. 1. Document the stalkerware by taking pictures of it, perhaps with a separate camera or a friend’s phone. These photos may be useful evidence if you report the abuse. 2. If you think it’s safe, delete the app. 3. Report stalking behavior to law enforcement. 4. Seek advice from resources like the National Domestic Violence Hotline ( or the Safety Net Project ( 5. Change the passwords on any apps and other accounts accessible from your phone, as well as your phone PIN. 6. Enable phone operating system updates, which include security fixes that can remove stalkerware. 7. As an extreme measure, consider returning your phone to factory settings (remember to back up important data first) or purchasing a new one. To avoid downloading stalkerware: While it is more common to have stalkerware loaded onto your phone by someone who has physical access to it, you can also inadvertently download it. Take the following steps to stay safe. 1. Stay on the lookout for unusual text, social media, and email messages. If you receive them, don’t click any links or download files, as they can lead you to download stalkerware. Instead, delete the messages. 2. Enable two-factor authentication for any online account that offers it. Source: