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WebsiteCompass 13 Back to Basics No Time Like the Present to Organize Photos from the Past Are you finally ready to create one place for all your cherished memories? Photo Organization Saves Time Let’s say you want to put together a scrapbook for your sister’s milestone birthday and have no idea where to start. You especially want to find that one photo of your sister that everyone remembers of her at age three, standing innocently in the room she just “deco- rated” with her new paint set. But where is it? You have no idea. In an ideal world, you would have one location that serves as the hub for all your photos, both digital and paper, from all eras of your life. You might even want to include family images from previous generations. In this world, each photo is accurately labeled and nestled within an efficient folder system that allows you to find shots of certain subjects quickly and easily every time. Believe it or not, you can create this world! When you’re done, you’ll never again spend hours hunting down shots for sharing, displaying, or including in special projects. Keep in mind it took years to accumulate all your photos and organizing them will take considerable time, too. Plan to spend a couple of hours each weekend until you’re done. Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve got photos on your camera that upload to three different backup sites, more on a hard drive that you tried to use as a central repository three years ago, and still more in paper format in shoeboxes in the back of your closet. If so, we encourage you to keep reading.